Kamal on Hinduterror

Quite disgusting…

Mr.Kamalhassan, from showing his valour in the cinema especially the muslim terror in his Viswaroopam, now outsmarts that by saying “He cannot deny the existence of some kind of Hindu terrorism” which invites a wide outrage from all over India, in particular from the right activists.

How irresponsibly he could give such a statement, knowing it would hurt the religious centiments of the so called Majority Hindus in India!? (Of course, Hindus are declared as minorites in about 8 states-a recent survey)that’s different part.

So far, he neither apologize nor given a statement to recall his words.

His meeting with some of the leftists in Kerala, Delhi, Tamilnadu evokes fear in the minds of common people of Tamilnadu, who are kept in a restless state right from the death of Ex-CM last year.

Kamal may have forgotten

The saying “As you sow, so you reap”

Let’s see, what kamal is going to reap in future..

Ascribing Terrorism to Hinduism

Bengaluru Iftar Treats

One of my colleagues remind me of delicious iftar dish, during our happy hours.

Mosque road,is one such place in Bengaluru that comes first in our mind,think of iftar delights.

Shivaji nagar,treat you with the finest camel seekh kebabs of this festive month. 

Another must try Street food outing is Tilak nagar, which serves signature roasted ox tongue.

To add to these mind-blowing dishes, khova naan will definitely be your ultimate favourite sweet.

Coca-Cola, “Killing You and Your family”

Obviously, the long-term health of our family and our nation are at stake!!

Over 650 beverages being marketed all over the world..

maxresdefault180 beverages are being offered as low and no-calorie choices. Even though they are claimed as low/no calorie types, these diet beverages still pose serious health risks.

Kidney problems,Obesity, Metabolic syndromes, Cell damage and many more…

All amount to unhealthy values of calories..High intake of such fructose rich drinks will cause sudden shoot-up/rise in blood sugar which will lead to Stroke, Heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.!!

The American Heart Association recommends a consuming not more than 450 calories of sucrose/fructose based drinks per week.

Is the Coca-Cola doing something responsible to protect its consumers.. Certainly not??

Action should be taken unanimously by all of us…As all calories are not same.

Of course, Coca-Cola’s said so calories are of no nutritional values.

If we choose to live a healthy life style, then we should not be drinking any of the products of Coca-Cola!!

If we disagree… we will definitely end up becoming fat.!

Use our common sense, the solution is very simple right in front of our eyes.!!

That is none but, “Don’t drink Coke.!!”

It is “Killing You and Your family..!!”

Catch you soon..

Dubbed really a Mental Battle

Nearly a five-year grand-slam drought..

Slipped down the ranking..

Above all..Injury to his woes. All these make Roger Federer to savor an “Extra-Special” victory over my favourite Spaniard Nadal fighting really a tough “Mental Battle” from inside.

Although, Nadal himself be a great champion and a tough opponent to Federer, it is Roger’s tough “Mental Battle” than his heavy physical training that makes him clinch this historical win against Nadal.

Such a 35+ old player with huge number of records proved time and again-

He is “The Best”.